Therapists and Other Professionals

Are you working with a child on the autism spectrum? Does your student struggle with behaviors that inhibit their ability to function successfully in daily life? Speech Kingdom's tools help to

  • Encourage language
  • Improve social skills
  • Model positive behaviors
  • Increase reciprocity
  • Develop life skills

Speech Kingdom supports your work with students, addressing social skills, safety, executive functioning, cognitive development, correct pronoun acquisition, and more.


Speech Kingdom offers social stories in multiple developmental levels, for students of all ages with varying levels of comprehension.

Track idle time, prompting, and monitor progress towards weekly goals.

Securely share student accounts with parents and other professionals for continuity and collaboration.

Comprehensive tracking and reporting of student usage and accuracy assist IEP prep in a downloadable PDF format.

Therapist mode allows you to control navigation and perseverative behavior from a separate, joined device.

Dozens of customization options let you to tailor the experience for each student's individual needs.


Your student's custom avatar appears in every scene. This plays a vital role in engagement and teaching Theory of Mind.

Children often struggle to see others' perspectives and have difficulty paying attention while watching videos of strangers.

We NEVER use impersonal videos!

Social stories support language development, perspective taking, fluency, and reading. Comprehension questions and worksheets help round out the therapy.

We use real voices for prosody modeling. Playback can be slowed for kids with processing delays, or for early language learners.

Our voices are produced in a professional recording studio by actors who are on the Autism Spectrum. Learn more.,


Children with ASD tend to use and interpret speech literally, creating an important need for teaching idioms, double meanings, and sarcasm. It is important to avoid verbal overload and tasks must be broken down into smaller steps. Consistency and repetition is key.

Speech Kingdom games are specifically designed for language and cognitive development.

Speech Kingdom games include:


Speech Kingdom's large library of mini-stories put your student's avatar in the action to reinforce good behaviors, life skills, language, safety, and more. Like social stories, fundamental skills are grouped into categories, such as Executive Function and Life Skills and Safety at Home, School, and the Community.

Each mini-story includes a workbook with coloring pages and writing practice that helps support and reinforces the lessons.


Stories maintain detailed comprehension scoring, tracking correct answers, attempts, incorrect, incomplete, skipped, accuracy rating percentages, date, and time spent on each. Speech Kingdom reports can be very useful for IEP and parent reporting.


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