Are you looking for an effective way to

  • engage your child with fun and productive one-on-one time
  • help your child increase two-way communication
  • utilize screen time for effective and productive learning
  • grow your child's language, behavior and social skills?

Speech Kingdom was created to fill all of those needs. And it's fun for you and your kids too!



Speech Kingdom supports learning from traditional sources, including speech, behavior and occupational therapies. Topics include day-to-day skills, organization, making and keeping friends, safety issues, emotional challenges, and more.


Speech Kingdom is not like other products because it's always changing and adapting to your needs as well as those of your child.

Speech Kingdom was developed by parents for parents. When technology entrepreneurs David and Lois Kalmick couldn't find the resources they needed to support their daughters, they assembled a team of technical experts, guided by professionals and therapists from various fields.

Those fields included psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, special education, and technology.

Our team has worked for nearly a decade to create new stories, games, features, and functions that directly benefit the children who use Speech Kingdom.

New content is added regularly without additional charges, and there are no in-app purchases.


Customized Social Stories place your child's character in the story, on every screen.

Social Stories are a research-proven means to teach children social skills, for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and neurotypical kids too. Videos or stories with other children as the subject can be too abstract to teach some kids. Seeing themselves in the story helps your child relate and absorb the lesson easier and not as an outsider looking in.

Speech Kingdom Social Stories are divided into three developmental levels, so you can meet your child at their current level, and increase that level when your child is ready. Our stories teach Perspective Taking - showing children that others may think, feel and believe differently than them. This is critical for life success; especially for kids with ASD.


Speech Kingdom's growing library of games are designed to improve your child's cognition, language and social skills. Each game offers a variety of levels and hundreds of customization combinations to help learning "stick."

Games are designed to help parents support therapy and support school learning. They include a robust database of content so that your child does not quickly complete or tire of them.

Speech Kingdom games include:


A large library of mini-stories, with your child as the subject, is provided to encourage individual skills development and improved behaviors.

Kids watch themselves calm down, wash their hands, practice safety around bullies and strangers, enjoy holidays with their families, and much more.

Use Fundamental Skills regularly to encourage better choices and to help guide your child's success.

Fundamental Skills are short and highly focused. These mini-stories are designed to be repeated until the subject-matter is fully acquired and understood.


Built in Animated Rewards called Reinforcers motivate and entertain your child while they learn. Reinforcers are customized with your child's avatar. They can appear anytime your child needs to re-focus, or when they successfully complete an activity. Reinforcers show your child making the goal, hitting a home run, swinging a lightsaber, receiving an award, and much more.

Choose a reinforcer from a library of dozens, or leave the setting on random. Learning should be fun!


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