Speech Kingdom's therapies were so effective for my autistic daughter. She just received a merit scholarship from a top private 4-year university to begin her journey to become an SLP this year!”
-- LK, Parent - West Los Angeles


Effective and Productive Screen Time One-On-One Time and Communication Language, Behavior, and Social Skills

Home Practice Time Made Easier!

Speech Kingdom supports learning from traditional sources.

Life Skills, Friendship, Safety, and more

Why Speech Kingdom?

Developed By Parents For Parents Tech Entrepreneurs Assembled Team
for Their Daughters
Speech, Occupational, Behavioral,
Special Education, Psychology, Technology

Our team has worked for nearly a decade on creative innovative content.

Speech Kingdom is not like other products because it's always changing and adapting to your needs as well as those of your child.

New content is added regularly without additional charges or in-app purchases.

Share your child's account with therapists and other professionals.

Social Stories

Customized Social Stories put your child in the story, on every screen.

Research-proven for those on the Spectrum and neurotypical kids too. Kids see themselves in the stories, not as outsiders looking in at strangers.

I love the fact that Speech Kingdom uses voice-over actors who are on the autism spectrum and use a professional recording studio! Real voices model real prosody.

Learn more about our voice actors.

Multiple Developmental Levels

Meet your child at their current level and move to the next when they are ready.


Growing library of games addresses Cognition, Language, Attention, and Social Skills

Multiple levels and hundreds of customization options support school learning and therapy.

A large database of content ensures your child does not quickly complete or tire of our games.

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Fundamental Skills

Repeat these mini-stories multiple times each week to generalize appropriate behaviors, skills, and life lessons.

Mini-stories feature your child. We never use videos of strangers!

Reinforcers and Rewards

Dozens of animated rewards feature your child and appear upon completion of an activity or on demand to refocus.

Speech Kingdom Student Pricing

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