Parents of ASD Children

Speech Kingdom's therapies were so effective for my autistic daughter. She just received a merit scholarship from a top private 4-year university to begin her journey to become an SLP this year!”
-- LK, Parent - Los Angeles, CA

Speech Kingdom is my son's favorite part of the school day. We use it as an incentive so he has something to look forward to after finishing his core subjects. Not only does it help him with fundamental skills, it has helped improve his reading comprehension. He really enjoys the fun animations at the end of each lesson!”
-- MP, Parent - Atlanta Suburb

Help Your ASD Child Learn with Productive Screen Time

"Kids today have far too much screen time," said every parent everywhere.

Kids learn pronouns, inferencing, idioms, language, behavior, communication, and social skills through through engaging games, social stories, and mini-stories.

Interactive Custom Social Stories - Your Child In Every Scene.

Research-proven for those on the Spectrum and neurotypical kids too. Kids see themselves in the stories, not as outsiders looking in at strangers.

Kids who relate tend to engage more and generalize what they learn. Kids who see themselves in the stories tend to relate to the material that is presented.

I love the fact that Speech Kingdom uses voice-over actors who are on the autism spectrum and use a professional recording studio! Real voices model real prosody.”    Learn more...

Supports Speech, Special Education, and Behavior Therapies

Speech Kingdom is designed to help parents provide additional support for their kids.

Its extremely effective tools also help therapists provide more successful therapy. Speech Kingdom's platform is designed for collaboration of all professionals and parents through its Secure Student Sharing functionality.

Perspective Taking, Abstract Thinking, Social Skills

Instead of just reading along, children hear the inner thoughts of various characters. Children learn to understand that others may think, feel, and believe differently than them. Each illustration concentrates on body language and facial expressions to improve social learning.

Secure Sharing with Your Therapy Team

To provide effective therapy, collaboration is key. Share your child's account with therapists and other professionals. When everyone is in the loop, they work as a team.

Multiple Developmental Levels

Social Stories are presented in Multiple Developmental Levels to meet your child at their current level and move to the next level whenever they are ready to do so.

Games Address Cognition, Language, Attention, Focus

Pronouns • Inferencing • Sequencing • Idioms • Concentration

Games are designed to help parents support therapy and school learning. Multiple levels and hundreds of customization options support school learning and therapy. A large database of content ensures your child does not quickly complete or tire of our games.

Mini-Social Stories

Fundamental Skills with your child as the subject encourage individual skills development and improved behaviors. Repeat these stories regularly to encourage better choices and to help guide your child's success.

Friendship • Safety • Regulation • Life Skills • more

Downloadable PDF workbooks containing story-relevant coloring sheets with writing practice are included with each story.

Positive Reinforcement and Rewards

Animated rewards motivate and entertain your child while they learn. Dozens of reinforcers feature your child and appear upon completion of an activity or on demand to refocus.

Speech Kingdom is not like other products because it's always changing and adapting to your needs as well as those of your child.”

Research and Evidence Based

A Decade of Creative Dedication

Speech Kingdom was developed by technology entrepreneurs who could not find the therapies that were necessary for their daughters. They assembled a team of technical experts, guided by professionals and therapists from numerous fields to create Speech Kingdom.

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