Tips and Tactics

See how Speech Kingdom is used in a real-life academic setting by Heidi Otterman, an extraordinary teacher who has taught kindergarten through sixth grade for more than 20 years. She is the mother of five beautiful children, one of whom has high functioning autism. She has spent the past several summers running the special education program at a large camp.

With degrees in Deaf Studies and Multi-Subject Teaching Credentials, Heidi successfully completed a Special Education Program and worked in a University Autistic Program/Study. She is the "go-to" teacher on campus, succeeding with even the most challenging special education students. She professes that her "...class usually looks more like a reverse mainstream classroom than a typical classroom."

Heidi has piloted Speech Kingdom in her classroom since 2017. We have asked her to share some of her methods for successfully implementing the software with her students. Links to her methods appear below.

Fundamental Skills from a Teacher's Perspective

Speech Kingdom Games from a Teacher's Perspective

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