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Students had significantly noticeable behavior improvements that have been commented on by special education coordinators and teachers, behaviorists, therapists, speech teachers, special education one-on-one aides, principals, and vice principals. When they ask me what I am doing with these students, my first answer is always, 'Speech Kingdom!'”
-- Heidi Otterman, Elementary School Teacher

Better Classroom Behaviors

Customized Social Stories are research-proven to improve challenging behaviors. Speech Kingdom does the preparation work for you.

Student-created avatars make stories especially relatable to children with developmental and other disabilities who often can't relate to videos or stories about other children.

Case Study: Speech Kingdom in the Classroom

Special Education Tools

Speech Kingdom's Social Stories and Games address a variety of needs.

  • Behavioral, Regulation, and Perspective-Taking challenges
  • Safety concerns, such as Eloping
  • Life Skills and Organizational Management
  • Friendship, Social, and Cooperation Skills
  • Games that teach Inferencing, Opposites, Idioms, Pronouns and more

Built-In Tracking and IEP Reporting

Built-in tools track progress, goals, prompts, and time spent to help teachers evaluate Social Emotional, Behavioral, and other goals. Teachers can share sessions in real-time with school OTs and SLPs. Speech Kingdom fills missing pieces within your Special Education Curriculum.

Worksheets and workbooks with follow-up exercises support language learning and comprehension.

Speech Kingdom provides educators with a unique curriculum addressing a variety of needs.

I love the fact that Speech Kingdom uses voice-over actors who are on the autism spectrum and use a professional recording studio! Real voices model real prosody.”    Learn more...

Games for Special Education

Replace your limited card decks and apps while supporting cognition, language, and social learning. New games are added regularly and provided automatically for no fees.

Learning Proper Use of Pronouns


Idioms are a difficult but important component of language learning. Students with social communication challenges often find idioms especially challenging.

Speech Kingdom's unique idioms game features an effective teaching mode that makes learning idioms fun.

Help students make sense out of what often seems to make no sense.

Mini Social Stories

Fundamental Skills Stories with your student as the subject encourage individual skills development and improved behaviors. Repeat each lesson often until the subject matter is fully acquired.

Downloadable PDF workbooks containing story-relevant coloring sheets with writing practice are included with each story.

Friendship • Safety • Regulation • Life Skills • more

Your Special Education Curriculum

Speech Kingdom can help fill some pieces that might be missing from your curriculum.

Secure Sharing with Your Student's Team

Collaboration is key. Share your student's account with other professionals and parents outside of your organization. When everyone is in the loop, they work as a team.

Start your student's journey in the Kingdom today!

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