Speech Kingdom's comprehensive tools address

  • Behavioral issues - emotional and physical
  • Safety concerns
  • Life skills
  • Organizational management
  • Friendship skills
  • and more!

Speech Kingdom provides educators with a unique curriculum serving a variety of needs.


Speech Kingdom has been shaped by educators to be used in schools with special education classrooms. Neurotypical students can also benefit from Speech Kingdom.

Student created avatars make speech and social language relatable because they see themselves in the lessons.

Children with developmental disabilities often feel unconnected to lessons or videos featuring other children, making generalization difficult.


Built-in tools help teachers with their contributions to IEP reports. Worksheets and workbooks with follow-up exercises in reading comprehension, cognition and language learning support key lessons.

Secure Student Sharing

Secure student sharing allows professionals to privately share student accounts with parents and other professionals for continuity and collaboration.

Let's Talk About Special Ed Classrooms

Special education teachers work hard to address student's needs utilizing the limited resources that they are provided. Often, challenging behaviors can get in the way of academic progress. Students typically need support in various areas, such as language, basic concepts, and appropriate classroom behaviors.

Speech Kingdom's curriculum is highly relatable and effective when children actually see their own custom avatars in the material.

Speech Kingdom is designed to help fill in some of the missing pieces within the special education curriculum because it specifically addresses many of your students' challenges.

Click here to learn how one special education teacher has used Speech Kingdom in her classroom.


Your student's customized avatar is the subject of every story. The lessons are less abstract, more relatable and extremely effective.

Voices and follow-along prompts can be slowed down to help with auditory processing issues. Students can listen while they read, with or without headphones, or read without sound.

I love the fact that Speech Kingdom uses voice-over actors who are on the autism spectrum and use a professional recording studio! Real voices model real prosody.

Stories are presented in three different developmental levels. End-of-scene questions, end-of-story questions, and comprehension worksheets reinforce the lessons of each story.


Our social stories teach Perspective Taking. Your student hears the inner thoughts of the characters in each story. They even see and hear their own character! Illustrations and animations model body language, eye contact, and facial expressions.


All stories maintain detailed scoring of the comprehension questions. Scoring includes correct answers, attempts, incorrect or incomplete, skipped, accuracy rating percentages, date, and time spent on each story. Speech Kingdom reports can be very useful at IEP and and parent meetings.


Speech Kingdom's games support language and communication skills. Dozens of variations and levels of difficulty offer what is not available from printables and card decks. Our content library is extensive and always growing. With a robust database of content, students don't quickly complete or tire of them.

Games are added regularly and automatically provided at no additional charge.

Speech Kingdom games include:

A Pronouns Game That Really Helps!

Many children, particularly those with ASD, have trouble understanding and naming pronouns. Among other pronouns, Speech Kingdom offers errorless teaching to practice "I, me and you" over 400 times! Advanced levels offer multiple pronouns, possessives, and proper noun replacements. More than 1,400 pronoun sets are included.


A large library of three-screen mini-stories, with your student as the subject, encourages individual skills development and better behaviors. Students watch themselves calm down, wash their hands, practice safety around bullies and strangers, enjoy holidays with their families, and much more. Use Fundamental Skills regularly to encourage better choices and to help guide your students' success.

Fundamental Skills are short and focused to promote engagement and prevent boredom. Repeat each mini-story until the subject-matter is fully acquired and understood.


Workbooks in PDF format are included for every Fundamental Skills mini-story. Each includes coloring sheets and writing practice taken directly from the mini-story to aid in fine motor, writing, and fun!


Built-in Animated Rewards, customized with your student's avatar motivate and entertain. Call them when a student needs to re-focus, or automatically when they successfully complete an activity.

Feature your student making a hockey goal, cannonballing into the pool, swinging a lightsaber, hitting a baseball, and much more. Choose the animation together, or leave the setting on random.

Learning is fun with Speech Kingdom!


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