Refund Policy

Speech Kingdom offers a money-back subscription satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our products or services, you may cancel your quarterly or yearly subscription before its expiration date and receive a refund for the remaining full months, less a prorata amount of any discounts received.

To cancel a monthly subscription, follow the steps under Auto-Renewal below.

To cancel a yearly or quarterly subscription and request a refund in accordance with the above, send a notification to Speech Kingdom via the Contact Us page on this website. Please note that this applies to yearly and quarterly subscriptions with at least one full month remaining.


To ensure that we provide uninterrupted access, Speech Kingdom subscriptions automatically renew before they expire. You may cancel this auto-renewal at any time before (5) business days of your subscription's expiration date and future renewal amounts will not be charged. To do so, select the Account Information option on the left menu of the app and then select Subscription Management. Then, click the Cancel Subscription link. Your subscription will remain active through the end of the current subscription month.