Student Mode
Remotely Controlling a Student's Device

Note: To use this function, both devices must be logged into the same Speech Kingdom account.


Before we can understand how to remotely connect to a student's device, it is important to understand Speech Kingdom sessions. All of Speech Kingdom's activities take place in Sessions. When a student plays a game, such as What's Missing, it happens in a What's Missing game session. When a student views a story, such as Safety Around Strangers, it happens in a Safety Around Strangers story session.

Sessions live as long as their game or story is running. This provides the flexibility for you to join a session with another device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can grant separate permissions to each device, allowing one device to control of the other.

Joining an Active Session

Once you and your student have both logged into the same Speech Kingdom account, you are ready to connect your devices. Start a session on your student's device; for example, start a Social Story. From the Student Home Page, select the Stories card. Then choose a story. Now start that story.

Click the gear in the upper right corner for the Story Settings menu. Select the Student Controls option. Set the permissions for your student's device here, and then set the Student Mode switch to the right. It should turn blue, indicating that it is ON. This sets the other student options to read-only.

On your device, click the hamburger icon to display the side bar menu. In case you haven't reviewed the Side Bar Menu tutorial yet, the hamburger icon is the little icon in the upper left corner with the three horizontal lines.

The Sessions Graphic and Join Button

You should see the Sessions graphic on the side bar menu that looks similar to the illustration shown here. Click the Join button to join your student's active session.

You should now be able to control your student's device as they progress through the story. Whatever you do on your device will be mirrored on your student's device. Tip: You may want to turn off the sound on one of the devices to avoid an echo.

Full Control of Your Student's Device

This gear icon appears whenever you start a Fundamental Skills mini-story, Social Story, or Game. When you click it, the Settings Menu will appear.

From the Settings Menu select Student Controls. Be sure the Student Mode setting is OFF. Now set the other five settings to restrict actions on your student's device. Finally, set the Student Mode setting to ON. The options you turned off on your student's device, such as navigation (prev, next, exit) will be restricted and may not even appear. You can also control perseverative (repetitive) behavior by setting Max Audio Plays.

Now that you have joined a student session, have some fun with the reinforcers on the Story Settings menu. If you click on the Activate Reinforcer option, your student will see themselves doing some really cool things on their device!

To learn about reinforcers, visit the Reinforcers Help on the Help Page.