Searching for Fundamentals and Social Stories

Searching by Category

Speech Kingdom Social Stories are divided into four categories:

Fundamental Skills mini-stories have the same categories as Social Stories with one additional category of Holidays.

When you are unsure of the exact skill or behavior you wish to target or re-enforce, it is often useful to search for a story by Category.

Select Fundamental Skills or Social Stories and you will see the their main menu screens, filled with thumbnails and descriptions for each. Notice that your student appears in every story.

Click on Category for a drop-down menu and select a category.

Searching by Keyword

If you are unsure of the category, you can always search for a Fundamental Skill or a Social Story by doing a Keyword Search. Just type your keyword or keywords into the Keyword search field to display all of the stories that match your keyword(s).

If no stories match your keyword(s), Speech Kingdom will display a list of potential keyword matches.

To narrow your keyword search, you can select a category and then enter your keywords.