Social Stories

If you haven't done so already, please see the Character Glows Help in the Speech Kingdom Stories section of the Help page.

What are Social Stories?

Social Stories are animated, 5-17 screen stories that are designed to teach your student social skills, life and safety skills, and behaviors, that neuro-typical children learn through natural life situations, such as playing with other kids or through other supervised experiences.

Speech Kingdom Social Stories are each presented in three levels of developmental complexity:

Comprehension questions are presented in varying levels of difficulty, depending on the story level.

Your Student Appears in Every Story

The Social Stories menu is accessed from the Student's Home Page or from the Side Bar Menu. Just as is the case with the Fundamental Skills menu, his menu consists of a s library of stories, organized by category. Each story is accompanied by a thumbnail, showing your student in the story. Next to each story title is a ⓘ. Tablet and smartphone users should click on this symbol for a brief description of the Social Story. Computer users, just hover over the ⓘ with your mouse.

You can search for stories either by Category or by Keyword (or both). In the illustration above, we searched for stories in the Self-Regulation - Emotional and Physical category.

The characters in Social-Stories share there inner thoughts, providing student-support and teaching Perspective Taking. The student's avatar is the subject, putting them in each story. This helps students relate to and begin using the skills they learn in real-life situations.

Social Stories - Worksheets

Every Social Story has a downloadable PDF comprehension worksheet. Students are presented with questions that relate back to the scenes of the associated story. Speech Kingdom Social Stories worksheets are designed to round out the curriculum and reinforce the lessons of the stories.

Beginner level worksheet questions use work-to-picture matching. Depending on the gender of your student, Speech Kingdom will automatically choose a boy or girl version of the workbook. Intermediate and proficient level worksheet questions use fill-in-the-blanks questions. This illustration shows an intermediate level worksheet with fill-in-the-blanks questions.