The Side Bar Menu

The Side Bar Menu allows us to efficiently use the limited space that is available on small screens on devices such as tablets and smart phones. It is accessed by clicking on the "hamburger icon."

The Hamburger Icon

The hamburger icon (the 3 lines in the upper left) displays the side bar menu. When you click it, the menu displays on the left side of your screen.

The Side Bar Menu

The upper portion of the side bar menu includes links to the major functions of Speech Kingdom. These include the Speech Kingdom home page, the currently active student's home page, and the main menus for Fundamental Skills, Social Stories, and Games.

The lower portion of the side bar menu includes functions that you will use less often.

Support/Contact Us
Links to the contact us form on this website.

Account Information
Edit your profile and some user settings.

License & Privacy
View our software license and privacy policy.

Copyright & Patent
View our copyright and patent information.

Sign Out
Log out of the Speech Kingdom app.

The Pin Menu option at the bottom of the menu is only available from larger screens, such as on computers and some tablets. It allows you to keep the side bar menu "pinned" to the screen (visible).