Games Templates

There are a lot of options and combinations of customization settings for Speech Kingdom games.

Speech Kingdom provides selections of preset combinations of these settings that address specific needs and use cases. We call these preset combinations Templates.

A additional template that we refer to as a Custom Game Template allows users to customize and control all of the options and settings for each game.

Some templates include options that promote expressive language with adult supervision, while others promote language modeling, either independently or with an adult. Some allow you to choose the sets you wish to work with, while others tell Speech Kingdom to randomly choose the sets for you.

These two illustrations show the templates for a Speech Kingdom game called What's Missing. Notice the hands pointing out the "Who Chooses Sets" options. In the first illustration, Speech Kingdom will randomly choose the number of sets that you specify. The second illustration allows you to select the sets for your student.

Notice the big blue button labeled, Set Up a Custom Game. Click this button and you will be able to completely control all of the settings and options. Speech Kingdom will "remember" all of the settings for the next time this student plays the game and you select Set Up a Custom Game.