Fundamental Skills

If you haven't done so already, please see the Character Glows help in the Speech Kingdom Stories section of the Help page.

What are Fundamental Skills?

Fundamental Skills are brief vignettes that demonstrate proper behaviors and life skills. Each of these mini-stories is made up of 3 scenes, focuses on a single skill or issue, teaches awareness, and models appropriate behaviors. Ideally, students put these lessons to use in every-day real-life situations.

It is important to note that Fundamental Skills are designed for repetitive use.

Without guidance, students will complete these mini-stories very quickly. Students should practice these stories in conjunction with adult supervision. Ask questions and encourage expressive language as you work through each story with your student(s).

Ideally you will repeat the same Fundamental Skills mini-story at least twice each week until your student becomes proficient in the skill, behavior or lesson addressed by that story.

Fundamental Skills are designed to be used by a wide range of students, depending on the issue to be addressed. Again, these mini-stories should be used as quick reinforcement and repeated often.

Your Student Appears in Every Lesson

The Fundamental Skills mini-stories menu is accessed from the Student's Home Page or from the Side Bar Menu. This menu consists of a library of stories, organized by category. Each story is accompanied by a thumbnail, showing your student in the story. Next to each story title you will see a ⓘ. Tablet and smartphone users should click on this symbol for a brief description of the mini-story. Computer users, just hover over the ⓘ with your mouse.

You can search for stories either by Category or by Keyword (or both). In the illustration above, we searched for stories in the Safety at Home, School, and in the Community category.

The characters in Fundamental Skills speak in simple, easy-to-understand sentences. The student's avatar is the subject of each story. This helps students relate to and begin using those skills in real-life situations.

Fundamental Skills 3-Page Workbooks

Every mini-story comes with a 3-page downloadable PDF workbook. Each lesson contains 3 scenes, which are reproduced in the workbooks. Students will enjoy coloring the scenes, tracing, and writing the characters' words, taken from each scene.

Depending on the gender of your student, Speech Kingdom will automatically choose a boy or girl version of the workbook.

This illustration shows the girl version of a page from the Wandering Away When Distracted ​workbook.