Founded in 2013, Speech Kingdom is designed to help children with communication disabilities, including autism.

Speech Kingdom's therapies were so effective for my autistic daughter. She just received a merit scholarship from a top private 4-year university to begin her journey to become an SLP this year!

Social Stories and Mini-Stories

Research-proven method puts your child in real-life situations. Social skills, Safety, Life skills, and more. Each child's avatar appears in every story.

Social Stories Presented in 3 Levels

We meet your student at their developmental level.

Tools for Collaboration

Teachers, Therapists, and Parents can securely and privately share student accounts.

Student/Therapist Mode

Control perseverative behavior with full remote control. Parents, Teachers, or Therapists can fully and remotely control the student device.

100 Focused Fundamental Skills

Repeat these mini-stories until the concepts are fully grasped. Each has an accompanying downloadable workbook.

Life Skills • Safety •  Regulation • Friendsip

Our Library of Educational Games is Always Growing

Ditch the old card decks! Next up: Animated Body Parts, featuring your avatar!

Custom Rewards Make Learning Fun

Animations show your child wielding a lightsaber, dancing, performing gymnastics, playing a sport, ice skating, as a super hero, and more.