The Child is the Main Character!

Speech Kingdom is a language, cognitive, and social learning tool that puts your child/student right into the action!

First, create a student and parent avatar.

Then, watch your child/student interact with others in stories that include their avatars in the graphics and animations.

We put the child in the stories to greatly increase the effectiveness of our social learning and games. Students learn empathy, regulation, appropriate behaviors, others' perspectives, and more.

Students see themselves in each story - in in the action. We NEVER use Videos.

We NEVER Use Impersonal Videos

Your child/student is the star in our animations

When children recognize their avatars in stories and games, they engage and relate to the material. Videos with unrelatable strangers who probably don't look anything like them may make it more difficult for them to generalize the skills and behaviors being presented.

With Speech Kingdom, children see themselves interacting with others, as we model appropriate behaviors, teach safety, have fun with pronouns, and so much more. We put them in the action - not on the sideline looking at strangers.

Diverse Levels for Diverse Needs

Every child is uniquely capable.

Each has a variety of strengths and needs.

Speech Kingdom recognizes that you may be working with a child on the Autism Spectrum or with a student who struggles with behaviors that inhibit their ability to function successfully in social situations.

Our social stories address a variety of issues with multiple levels of complexity.

Neurotypical kids can benefit from Speech Kingdom as well.

Social Learning on IOS, Android and Any Browser on your Computer

All of Speech Kingdom's graphics, animations, and audio content is optimized to work on virtually any browser or device.

Connect a second device to a current session to help your student navigate their learning experience as you control and customize the action.

Control perseverative behavior with Speech Kingdom's unique Remote Control Student Mode.

Focused Fundamental Skills

Our extensive library of Fundamental Skills focuses on individual skills and behaviors in just three screens. These short vignettes concentrate on issues such as safety, friendship, regulation, and life skills.

Practice these short mini-stories with your child/student multiple times each week to help them generalize appropriate behaviors, skills, and important life lessons.

Our Library of Games is Always Growing

Speech Kingdom's games enhance language and cognitive skills, including inferencing, language development, abstract concepts, and more.

Our games are effective and fun, with multiple levels of play plus a variety of customization options and templates.

Our large and growing database of content keeps kids engaged while providing a level of effectiveness only possible with technology.

Kids Learn Faster When They're Having Fun

Speech Kingdom's custom rewards and reinforcers provide an exciting array of animations that show kids wielding a lightsaber, dancing, performing gymnastics, playing a sport, ice skating, flying as a super hero, and more.

Children love to learn when they are engaged and entertained. Speech Kingdom offers both!