Autism Tools

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Founded in 2013, Speech Kingdom is designed to help children with communication disabilities, including autism.

Social Stories and Mini-Stories

Research-proven method puts your child in real-life situations. Social skills, Safety, Life skills, and more. Each child's avatar appears in every story.

Social Stories Presented in 3 Levels

We meet your student at their developmental level.

Tools for Collaboration

Teachers, Therapists, and Parents can securely and privately share student accounts.

Student/Therapist Mode

Control perseverative behavior with full remote control. Parents, Teachers, or Therapists can fully and remotely control the student device.

100 Focused Fundamental Skills

Practice until the lessons "stick." Each child's avatar is the subject of the stories. Downloadable story-specific workbooks included.

Life Skills • Safety •  Regulation • Friendship

Our Library of Educational Games is Always Growing

Ditch the old card decks!
NEW! Animated Body Parts, featuring your avatar!

Custom Rewards Encourage Attention and Task Completion

Animations show your child wielding a lightsaber, dancing, performing gymnastics, playing a sport, ice skating, as a super hero, and dozens more.