Who is Speech Kingdom?

Formed in 2013, Speech Kingdom is dedicated to helping children with disabilities such as autism by focusing on social communication and important life skills. The company's comprehensive application includes a growing library of social stories, mini-stories, and games that address the needs of children with IEPs.


Speech Kingdom's therapies were so effective for my daughter who just received a merit scholarship to a 4-year university and starts her journey to become an SLP this year!

Social Stories and Mini-Stories

Students see themselves in the action! Not on the outside looking in at strangers!

Putting your child in the stories greatly increases the effectiveness of our social learning. Students learn empathy, regulation, appropriate behaviors, others' perspectives, and more. Videos of strangers who don't look anything like them make it more difficult to generalize skills and behaviors.

We NEVER use impersonal videos!

Diverse Levels for Diverse Needs

Every child is uniquely capable, each with a variety of strengths and needs.

You may be working with a child on the Autism Spectrum or with a student who struggles with behaviors that inhibit their ability to function successfully in social situations. Our social stories and mini-stories address a variety of issues with multiple levels of complexity.

Tools for Collaboration

Teamwork is important!

Effective educational support involves a team of professionals and parents. Access to student-level accounts can be securely and privately shared with others on the learning team, enabling all to work together towards each child's success.

Add a device to the current session to help your student navigate their learning experience. Guide the action and control perseverative behavior with Speech Kingdom's unique Remote Control Student/Therapist Mode.

Speech Kingdom is compatible with virtually any device, from tablets, to phones, to laptops, Chromebooks, and desktop computers.

Focused Fundamental Skills

Mini-Stories Teach the Essentials!

Our extensive library of Fundamental Skills focuses on individual skills and behaviors in just three screens. These short vignettes concentrate on issues such as friendship, safety, regulation, life skills, and more.

Repeat mini-stories with your child multiple times each week to help them generalize appropriate behaviors, skills, and life lessons. Use mini-stories to encourage expressive language.

Our Library of Games is Always Growing

Extensive content keeps kids engaged!

Speech Kingdom's games enhance language and cognitive skills, including inferencing, language development, abstract concepts, and more.

Our games are effective and fun, with multiple levels of play plus a variety of customization options and templates.

Our large and growing database of content keeps kids engaged while providing a level of effectiveness only possible with technology.

Kids Learn Faster When They're Having Fun

Custom rewards make learning fun!

Speech Kingdom's custom rewards and reinforcers provide an exciting array of animations that show your child wielding a lightsaber, dancing, performing gymnastics, playing a sport, ice skating, flying as a super hero, and more.

Children love to learn when they are engaged and entertained. Speech Kingdom offers both!